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Spotify Premium APK Free Download For Android-IPhon -Windows |Latest – 2018|

Millions of Android and iOS users are listening to their favorite music on a daily basis, and Spotify Premium Apk has become an entertainment hub. The Spotify comes with the free version and a paid version, and you have to pay a few bucks to access the premium feature on a monthly plan.


Spotify cost $9.99/month to access the premium features, and they offer tremendous support for mere few dollars, and the quality is unparallel. Not everyone can afford to pay $9.99 on a monthly plan because you might be a student who doesn’t make a single penny and doesn’t get enough pocket money to buy the services.


How to get Spotify premium apk for free?

Allow us to show you a few ways to get the Spotify premium apk on your Android, and iOS smartphone without worrying about the getting yourself banned from Spotify. Last year, the company admitted that millions of users on the platform are using premium services by penetrating user’s detector.


Download Spotify Premium Apk


Thus, it explains that the majority of the Spotify premium apk users have not paid a penny, and it increases the success rate of our technique.


App Name Spotify Premium
Last Update September, 2018
Total Installs 130,429,812+
App Version 8.4 (Latest)
Total Size 32MB
Developer Spotify Ltd.
Ratings Rated For 50+


1. Uninstall the Previous Version on Your iPhone, and Android Smartphones


If you have already Installed Spotify Premium Apk on your Android, and iOS smartphone, then it’s time to get rid of it because it might come in your way while we work on the premium version APK.


Keep in mind that those who have not installed it on their smartphone should be relieved because not even a single Spotify file left on your operating system core folders. You can proceed to next steps, and start preparing for the how to get Spotify premium for free forever.


Mission: Uninstall old official Spotify application from your Android, and iOS devices.


2. Risk Involved Using Mod/Hack Methods


Unfortunately, there are many websites out there who give you instructions about the how to get Spotify premium free apk for android tutorials, but only a few of them share the risk involves in these methods.


But, we are going to let you take all the risk alone, so we want to warn you and let you know about the risk that comes with using these methods.


1: You probably know by now that you cannot sign-up for a new account on Spotify Premium Apk using an email, right? That leaves you with only social media authentication option, which puts your profile at risk.


2: Spotify is a streaming company that has raised millions of dollars from the investors, and VC, so they can operate their business on a larger scale. The company has developers, experts, and means of technology to detect foul users on the platform/.


3: The Company admitted that more than a million users are accessing premium version by paying for their services, and they cannot accept it because they need funds to continue their services.


4: The Spotify Premium Apk developers, online security team, and application security have created better bot moderators that detect fake users on the platform.


Bottomline: Your Google account, Email account, Facebook account, and even your name will be blacklisted in the Spotify database.


Make sure that you are using your primary Facebook account, and also make sure the details like Name, Gender, Email address, Location, IP address, and similar information does not match with your identity.

Or else,

You may get permanently banned from the platform, and it would be a disaster to get back on the platform.


3. How to Get Spotify Premium Free on Android


First of all, the premium version of Spotify free trial offers high-quality music and clarity in the beats, and it only works on those smartphones who paid for the subscription. We are showing you how you can get the premium version on your device, but what you have to note that you cannot update the app because the Spotify will identify foul play, and terminate your account.


Make sure that you don’t update the app, and few features may not work because Spotify Premium Apk releases latest updates on a weekly basis to keep the unpaid users from the platform.


If you want to enjoy seamless music, then we implore you to buy the premium version from the official Spotify.


Step 1: Download Spotify premium application for Android.


spotify premium free on android


Step 2: Now, tap on the application to open, and tap on “settings,” and it will take you to Android settings.


spotify premium free android apk


Step 3: You have to find “unknown sources” and tap on it to check it. Keep in mind that “unknown sources” options location might on a different place on your Android version, so check for it in “SECURITY” and “STORAGE and Security.


spotify premium free android 2018


Step 4: One of the safety measures taken by the Android is “allow this installation only,” and tap on it to select it.


spotify premium free android download


Step 5: Make sure to read the permission grant list because you are allowing the application to your device, and it will access it without your permission automatically. Read it properly and tap on NEXT at the bottom.


how to get spotify premium free on android


Step 6: Now, tap on “install” button to begin the installation of the Spotify Android application.


spotify premium free on android


Step 7: The Android app starts extracting the package and installs the files.


how to get spotify premium free on android


Step 8: In the next few seconds, the modified Spotify app completes the installation.


spotify premium free for android


Note: Now, go to Android settings > Security > Unknown sources > and confirm if the option is unchecked, or not. Make sure to uncheck the option because it will prevent malicious application installations. while you install the Spotify app if you get any Spotify error code 18 then you can solve with task manager.


4. How to Sign Up for a New Spotify Account


I think it would be a good practice if you create a new account, and we are going to show you how you can create a new Spotify new account outside of the United States of America.


Step 1: Open your desktop browser, and download Betternet VPN. You can also look for other VPN’s in the market who provide free VPN service but make sure they have America sever location available in the list.

If you don’t know that Spotify does not let anyone sign up from an email unless they are America, so make sure that your VPN has America server location because it will only work when you are in America.

In my case, I’m using Chrome browser with Betternet VPN.


How to Sign Up for a New Spotify Account


Step 2: Go to the Spotify homepage, and click on “Sign up.”


how to set up a new spotify account


Step 3: Google “temporary email,” and get access to any temporary email address for this process.

You have to fill up the sign-up form by typing your basic details like Email address, Confirm email address, Password; you’re made up name, add made up birth date (make sure to remember it,) gender, accept the terms and conditions and complete the reCAPTCHA.

Finally, click on “SIGN UP” button.


sign up for new spotify account


Step 4: Go to the temporary email address, and confirm the account you have created to activate the feature of the Spotify basic account features.


how to sign up for free spotify account


Step 5: Your account is verified, and click on “Open Spotify.”


Step 6: Play few songs on the newly created account to ensure that the Spotify did not find it suspicious and you have a little bit of activity before you begin using on the application.



Do not use the newly created account right off the bat because you will get banned for sure. Because the security system on the Spotify has designed to track the activity of the newly created accounts for a while and you will be identified immediately.

Listen to at least 30 tracks for a few days on Desktop, and then give the application a shot.


5. How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on iPhone


We have shown you “Spotify premium free Android app installation step-by-step, and this time it would be a different set of instructions on an iPhone. Apple has designed iOS, and they are very strict when it comes to iOS third-party apps or non-market apps.


It’s not that easy to Install Spotify premium free iPhone app on your device because they have added strict rules, and security programs on your device to avoid third-party apps.


However, there’s always a way to get third-party apps on your smartphone without Jailbreak your device. Follow out a step-by-step guide to Install Spotify Premium Apk.


Step 1: Launch your smartphone web browser, and it could be any browser that has a download manager. Go to official website of TweakBoxApp.

Make sure you are downloading it from your smartphone, and avoid downloading it from the desktop.


How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on iPhone


Step 2: Download the app from the official website.


Download Spotify Premium apk for Free


Step 3: Install the app on your iPhone, and iPad, and launch it. Now, you have to tap on “Join Tweakbox club for free.” Don’t worry, you don’t have to create a new account on the platform, and you can access it without any issues.


How to Get Spotify Premium for Free


Step 4: The Tweakbox recommend you to use a VPN while using any of the services because your original IP address won’t get blacklisted by the like of Spotify services. It is a good habit that you are connected to a VPN while using tweaked apps on your smartphone.


get spotify premium apk free


Step 5: The next page will display more options. You have to scroll down, or you can select “tweaked apps” to open the Spotify app on the next page.


Spotify app


Step 6: You have to scroll down until you find “Spotify app” and tap on it.


 Spotify app download


Step 7: In the next page, you will get more options, and you have to tap on install. It takes more than one minute to complete the installation because iOS does not let third-party apps to install easily.


download spotify premium apk


Step 8: Now, minimize TweakBox app, and go to iPhone settings > General > Profiles & device management, and tap on “TweakBox.”


spotify apk for iphon


Step 9: In the next page, you will find the app in the list, and it confirms that the Spotify premium iPhone app has successfully installed on your phone.


spotify apk for ios


Step 10: Go to your menu, and find the app on your smartphone.


download spotify app


Step 11: Launch the Spotify app on your smartphone, and enter the credentials, then test the services to stream music.


free download spotify premium app


The Tweakbox app supports the latest iOS version, and you can use it on iPhone, iPad, and other iDevices.


6. How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on Computer/PC

It isn’t that difficult to get Spotify Premium Apk on PC, and we will show you how you can use Spotify on your Windows and Mac PC without paying a buck.


First, you need an Android emulator, and there are many Android emulators available on the market like Bluestacks, but we recommend other emulators. We recommend you MeMu Android player for Windows and Nox App Player for Mac PC.


Android Emulator System Requirements:


It doesn’t matter if you are using the latest version Processor, or PC because it requires Intel-V, and AMD Hyper-V technology support to run Android emulator.

Intel: Download the Intel® Processor Identification Utility to find whether your computer supports Intel-V, or not.

AMD: You can use “AMD Virtualization™ Technology and Microsoft® Hyper-V™ System Compatibility Check Utility ” tool to find it.


1. You need at least 2GB DDR2, or above RAM to run an Android emulator on your Windows PC.


2. Unfortunately, MeMu or any other player requires decent graphics integration. Make sure to update your graphics driver, and also try to use a dedicated graphics card.


3. 2rd Gen Core Processors support Android player functions, but old processors like Intel Pentium Dual-core and Core2duo may have a little difficult to give you good performance.


4: You need an active internet connection to download the 300MB file size software, and also you need a Google account to set up the Android player.


Now, you are ready to Install Android apps on the emulator.


Step 1: Launch the Nox App Player or MeMu player, and it takes a few minutes to load the player.


Nox App Player


Step 2: This is how the emulator dashboard looks like on Nox App Player.


launch nox app player


Step 3: Now, I have shared a snapshot, and you have to click on the “app installer” to install third-party apps. You can also use the Google play store to install apps; you have to click on the “app installer” icon to install third-party apps.



Step 4: The Nox App Player comes with drag and drops options as well, and you can use that option to add APK files as well. But, for now, click “OKAY” to proceed.



Step 5: A window wills pop-up, and you have to locate the Spotify premium APK file to install it, and you have to select it to proceed.



Step 6: The window will close, and you will be redirected to the dashboard. The Android emulator will install the application in the background, and you have to wait until the application icon is visible on the dashboard.



Now, you can begin using the Spotify premium app on your Windows and Mac PC. If you are a Linux user, then you can use Wine software to use Windows programs on Linux.


7. Follow The Rules


There are few rules that you should follow, or else you might get blacklisted by the Spotify Premium Apk and partners.

1: Use VPN while using these services. Why? VPN changes your IP address to some other location, and the official Spotify would never find your real IP address, and they cannot block you permanently. VPN masks your IP address, location, and your identity.


2: We recommend you to add an Anti-virus application on your smartphone because these modified apps may have Virus, Malware, Adware, and an opening for privacy invaders.

These apps do not come for free because the privacy invaders and hackers might try to steal information from you like Name, Email address, Credit card details, Debit card details, Activity data, and more.


3: I would recommend you to move personal Photos, Videos, and any form of text to somewhere else. These apps send your data to China servers or any anonymous locations, so make sure you don’t become the victim of privacy invasion.




The company that developed the Spotify Premium Apk service struggling every day against the fake users, and they are adding new security features to keep the freemium users out of their system. So, make sure to use a VPN to avoid getting caught by the Spotify security team.